Displaying default content in an e-Marketing Spot

You can specify default content to display in any e-Marketing Spot on your storefront. The default content can be catalog entries, or categories, or content, depending on the e-Marketing Spot. For example, if you want to display the same Free Shipping banner ad in the store header to all your customers, you can specify the ad as default content in the header e-Marketing Spot. You can also specify default title content for the e-Marketing Spot.

Before you begin

Gather the following information about the e-Marketing Spot:
  • The name of the e-Marketing Spot.
  • The type of information that the e-Marketing Spot can display:
    • Catalog entries
    • Categories
    • Content
  • If you are displaying content in the e-Marketing Spot, you must create marketing content to contain the images, static HTML, or text before you start this task. See Creating marketing content to display on store pages.

About this task

The default content and default title content are displayed in the following circumstances:
  • There are no web activities running in the e-Marketing Spot.
  • The customer who is viewing the e-Marketing Spot is not targeted by the web activities that are running in the e-Marketing Spot.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. From the explorer view, click E-Marketing Spots.
    The E-Marketing Spots - List page opens.
  3. Double-click the e-Marketing Spot for which you want to specify default content.
  4. Optional: In the Default title content field, specify any marketing content that is to display as a title for the e-Marketing Spot. This title displays to customers in the e-Marketing Spot.
    If you specify one or more pieces of marketing content as the default title, your e-Marketing Spot JSP selects the content to display based on its sequence.

    WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseIf you are working in an extended site store, you can override the default title content that is inherited from your asset store. Two default title grids display; one for your asset store and one for your extended site store. If you have access to only your extended site store, you can add content to the default title grid for only your store. If you have access to your asset store, you can add content to both the asset store and your extended site store. Only inherited asset store content can be added as default title content for your asset store. If you specify content at the extended site store level, all asset store default title content is overridden.

  5. In the Default content field, specify the default content to display. You can either type the name of a catalog entry, a category, or a piece of marketing content. Click Find and Add, or click the Show utilities view Show utilities view icon to open the utilities view, and then search or browse for the catalog entry, category, or marketing content.
  6. Click Save Save and then click Close.