Creating campaigns

Marketing campaigns organize your marketing activities into logical groupings. Creating these campaigns helps find out which activities belong to which marketing efforts, as well as organizing associated statistics for the group of activities.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. From the explorer view, click Campaigns.
    The Campaigns - List page opens.
  3. From the toolbar, click the arrow on the right side of Create New Create New; then select Campaign.
    The New Campaign page displays.
  4. Enter the Campaign properties as follows:
    Name Enter a meaningful name. This name displays in the Campaign list, and identifies the campaign.
    Owner Enter the name of the owner. This name displays in the Campaign list, and should identify the business owner of the campaign.
    Season Enter the name of the season. This should identify the time of year during which the campaign is run.
    Description Enter a meaningful description. This description displays in the Campaign list, and should explain what the campaign is intended to do.
    Objective Enter the campaign's objective.
  5. Click Save Save to save the campaign, or click Close to close the Campaign editor, and return to the updated Campaigns list.
    The campaign is displayed in the Campaign list.

What to do next

To associate a marketing activity to this campaign, create or open the activity; then specify the campaign name in the Campaign field within the properties view for the marketing activity.