Campaigns provide you a way to organize web, dialog, and email activities.

Campaigns are often associated with a certain set of objectives. For instance, a Back to School campaign might have an objective of increasing sales of children's clothing during the campaign. Campaigns contain any number of marketing activities.

When you first create a campaign, it does not contain any activities. As you create various marketing activities, you can associate them to the campaign. Then, you can open the campaign in Management Center and view either a list view or a calendar view for all activities that are associated to the campaign.

If Management Center is integrated with IBM Marketing Center, business users can also use IBM Marketing Center to create and manage campaigns. Users can open IBM Marketing Center from Management Center to create and manage marketing campaigns. By creating marketing campaigns within IBM Marketing Center, users can use the precision marketing capabilities of IBM Marketing Center to personalize communications to reach customers. For more information about this integration, see Manage marketing externally with IBM Marketing Center.