Troubleshooting: Static kits do not function properly using ATP inventory

Static kits do not function properly using ATP inventory, even after creating them successfully in the Catalogs tool.


The Management Center creates prebuilt kits. If you are using ATP inventory and want to use static kits, a site administrator must update the BASEITEM table to contain the correct ITEMTYPE_ID.


To resolve this problem, ask a site administrator to complete the following steps:
  • DB2
    1. Find the baseitem_id of the CATENTRY that represents the static kit in the BASEITEM table.
    2. Open a DB2 command window.
    3. Connect to the WebSphere Commerce database.
    4. Run the following command: update baseitem set itemtype_id='STKT' where baseitem_id= baseitem_id of the static kit
  • Oracle
    1. Run sqlplus where the user/password are the user and password for the WebSphere Commerce database.
    2. Run the following command: Select * from baseitem where partnumber=' code entered for the static kit ' The part number is the code that was previously set up for the kit when it was created in step 4. Verify that this is the item that you want to update.
    3. Run the following command: Update baseitem set itemtype=_id='STKT' where part number=' code entered for static kit '
    4. Run the following command: commit;