Troubleshooting: Sales category does not display in store preview

If you encounter issues with the display of your sales categories when you preview your store, review the possible causes and the actions to take to resolve the issues.


After you create a sales category, you open store preview to see the results in the store; however, the sales category does not display in the department list.


A sales category might not display when you preview your store for multiple reasons. Review the following possible causes and take the recommended action:
Cause and action
Possible causes Actions to take
The search index is not up to date.

At the top of the store preview window, if you click Show details a message displays that resembles the following notice: Pending changes in your workspace are being indexed. Updates should be available soon.

  1. Wait for the index to complete the update process. You can click Refresh status to check the status. When the index update is complete, the following message displays: The search index is up to date.
  2. Reload the page. You should be able to see your sales categories.
The master catalog is set as the default catalog. Store preview displays the master catalog categories only. To preview sales categories, set the default catalog to the appropriate sales catalog that your sales category belongs to. Follow the instructions in Setting the default catalog.
There are no products in the sales category. Add a product to the sales category by following the instructions in Assigning catalog entries to a single sales category.