Troubleshooting: Previewing catalog changes

When you edit your catalog, the changes do not display on the storefront, neither in store preview or through a direct link to the store.


The search index is not up to date.


Review the following possible causes and take the recommended action:
Possible causes Actions to take
In a workspaces environment, search is not supported. Therefore, when you preview your store, only approved content is displayed. To preview your changes, the changes must be committed:
  1. Task group must be approved by a task group approver.
  2. Changes must be committed to the production-ready data.
  3. Ensure that you are working on approved content. To work on approved content, click Approved content icon.
  4. Launch Store preview.

In a non-workspaces environment, the search index is not up to date.

Search is now supported by workspaces, but the search index is not up to date.

  • To preview your store through the Management Center store preview:
    1. Launch Store preview. A search index rebuild is automatically initiated.
    2. At the top of the store preview window, click Show details. If the following message is displayed, wait until the search index is up to date:
      Pending changes in your workspace are being indexed. Updates should be available soon
      When the search index is up to date, the following message displays:
      The search index is up to date.
    3. Refresh the store preview window. The catalog changes should now display in store preview.
  • To preview your store through a direct link, for example http://localhost/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Aurora/index.jsp, the search index must be updated. Complete one of the following options:
    • Contact an administrator to ensure that the UpdateSearchIndex job is scheduled. The UpdateSearchIndex job rebuilds the search index and is run on a scheduled interval. Wait for an interval duration to allow the job to execute and complete.

      If the job is not scheduled, have your site administrator create and schedule the UpdateSearchIndex job.

    • Contact an administrator to rebuild the search index if the interval between jobs is too long to wait.