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APARs that are fixed in Fix Pack 4 (

Review the following table for information about the APARs that are newly fixed in WebSphere Commerce Version 8 Fix Pack 4 (

Fix packs are cumulative, therefore you also get the fixes from previous fix packs. You can navigate through previous fix packs by clicking the Previous topic link at the bottom of the page. For a complete list of maintenance packages for WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0, see List of available maintenance packages.

Category APAR Description
Analytics JR55139

Security fix

Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability on environments that are integrated with IBM Digital Analytics
Authoring and Staging JR55115 Management Center does not display the workspace, task group, task, or owner of locked objects.
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR55034 "Catalog passed in is not a master catalog" error when you view sales catalogs
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR55073 Management Center "Display to Customers" property is cleared after a session timeout
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR55197 Management Center work area 'details' view does not update automatically
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR55242 Item quantity in bundle shows incorrect value if locale is changed in Commerce Management Center.
Data Load and other loading tools JR54922 dataloader utility fails to process all catalog entries if an error exists in XML and marks an incorrect catalog entry with error
Data Load and other loading tools JR55180 Data Load utility fails when field separator is found within a field's value.
Data Load and other loading tools JR55252 DataExtract.bat fails in WebSphere Commerce Developer
Data Load and other loading tools JR55255 updatedb utility might terminate abnormally when you use a deprecated execution method
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR55347 Instance creation fails to create a trigger.
Marketing and Promotions JR54805 Exception occurs on iSeries environments when you use the Promotions Tool in Management Center to generate unique promotion codes.
Marketing and Promotions JR55165 Improve marketing performance by reusing DocumentBuilder objects
Marketing and Promotions JR55155 Cannot open a Marketing Activity that contains a 'Customer Checks In' trigger
Marketing and Promotions JR55142 Incorrect icons are displayed for marketing activities that have experiments that are suspended or experiments with chosen winners
Stores and Mobile JR55270 Support for Commerce Insights. Missing category metrics overlays in store view