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APARs that are fixed in Fix Pack 14 (

Review the following table for information about the APARs that are newly fixed in WebSphere Commerce Version 8 Fix Pack 14 (

Fix packs are cumulative, therefore you also get the fixes from previous fix packs. You can navigate through previous fix packs by clicking the Previous topic link at the bottom of the page. For a complete list of maintenance packages for WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0, see List of available maintenance packages.

Data Load and other loading tools JR56288 WebSphere Commerce Developer database migration fails while loading Version 8 bootstrap data
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR56349 Updating Resource Group in Org Administration Console fails with FileNotFoundException
Marketing and Promotions JR56327 Error saving promotion in IBM Management Center for WebSphere Commerce Promotions tool
Member and Session Management JR56289 Person REST API IndexOutOfBoundsException
Messaging and Integration (including Sterling integration) JR56366 Sterling OMS Heartbeat timeout is too long
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR56298 REST call usable_ship_charges_by_ship_mode results in NOT_AUTORIZED_FOR_QUERY
Search JR56211 SearchServiceWarmStarter exits without logging any exception
Search JR56254 Setting the sort order of the category facets unexpectedly changes the sort order of top category display menu
Stores and Mobile JR56314 "wcf:url tag does not construct SEO friendly URLs based on request protocol when type=""Ajax"" is specified"
Stores and Mobile JR56357 The PropertyListCheckbox option on custom Management Center pages do not hold the correct state of the checkbox