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APARs that are fixed in Fix Pack 12 (

Review the following table for information about the APARs that are newly fixed in WebSphere Commerce Version 8 Fix Pack 12 (

Fix packs are cumulative, therefore you also get the fixes from previous fix packs. You can navigate through previous fix packs by clicking the Previous topic link at the bottom of the page. For a complete list of maintenance packages for WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0, see List of available maintenance packages.

Analytics JR55915 IBM Digital Analytics does not receive registration tag extraparms values with the returnAsJSON option enabled
Authoring and Staging JR55751 In store preview, sometimes the store front web services return unexpected results because of the workspaces schema
Authoring and Staging JR55980 Stagingprop utility does not honor -destdb_locktimeout parameter
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR56005 Database error in the Management Center Assets tool when you attempt to save a URL attachment
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR55876 Scheduler jobs fail when you try to run the PopulateExpressionForCatalogFilters command
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR55881 Allow BOD Service to change customField1 value in the database
Data Load and other loading tools JR55893 Dbclean throws an SQL error on deletion in Scheduler tables
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR56108 DB2 PureScale configuration for command line utilities might contain empty value for jdbcurl elements in alldbconnector.xml
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR55846 WCBD Search build fails due to incorrect path
Marketing and Promotions JR56014 Shoppers who have coupons from deleted promotions cannot acquire new coupons from promotions with shopper redemption limit
Marketing and Promotions JR56012 CleanupRankingPolicyCmdImpl throws SqlSyntaxErrorException on DB2
Marketing and Promotions JR55912 Customized promotion code error messages do not appear in the correct language.
Marketing and Promotions JR55963 e-Marketing Spot REST API runs all web activities that are assigned to the e-Marketing Spot
Member and Session Management JR55637 CWXBR090?E error: Missing WC_AUTHENTICATION Cookie
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR55978 Updates to UnlockStaleOrdersInBatch scheduler job
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR55828 Shopping carts are not merged during shopper logon when cart threshold is exceeded
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR56015 Add to cart action does not respect quantity limit
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR56055 Parsing error in OrderMessageMappingCmdImpl
Runtime JR55834 Add extra CSRF protection to REST APIs when cookies are used for authentication
Search JR55934 Unable to change custom facet properties through Management Center
Search JR55803 Cannot delete product through Management Center after indexing is complete
Stores and Mobile JR56076 Associated assets widget shows the URL instead of the display name
Stores and Mobile JR55878 Broken images occur in several places in the Aurora starter store when recommended external CMS integration approach is used
Stores and Mobile JR55929 Associated assets widget display name is not shown as expected on storefront
Stores and Mobile JR55928 Search auto suggest displays duplicate results when a keyword contains trailing spaces