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Viewing quote status

A customer might want to get a cost quotation before deciding whether to place an order. You can use the IBM Sales Center to create a quote for a new or existing customer by beginning with an empty quote, or you can use it to create a new quote based on the information in an existing quote or order. This section explains how to view the status of the quote.


  1. Log on to the IBM Sales Center.
  2. Select a store.
  3. Find the quote for which you want to view quote status.
  4. On the Quote page, view the quote status information in the following fields:
    Date quote expires
    Date after which the quote is no longer valid.
    Last modified
    Date the quote was last modified.
    Editor ID
    Logon ID of the current editor of the quote.
    Block status
    Status of any automatic blocks placed on the quote.

    Tip: Click Block to open a page that you can use to view any blocks on the quote.

  5. View the processing status of the quote in the status bar at the bottom of the IBM Sales Center.

    A quote can be in any one of the following states:

    • New - The quote has been started, but it has not yet been completed.
    • Ready - The quote has been completed, and it has not yet expired.
    • Cancelled - The quote has been cancelled or has expired.