Deprecated feature

Cashier profile parameter values

You may want to create or customize Cashier profiles for any new WebSphere Commerce Payments cassettes you want to add.

Cashier profiles allow parameter values to be specified in four ways:

  1. Hard-coded as constants in the profile.
  2. Obtained from environment variables passed to the Cashier on the collectPayment() method call. See the information about the DoPaymentPMCmdImpl command for more information about the environment variables.
  3. Specified as originating from a relational database field.
  4. Specified as being calculated by Cashier extension code.

For any parameters that are required by a cassette, you need to decide where the parameter value is obtained (either constant, database or other).

The Cashier profiles provided with WebSphere Commerce require no modification for use. However, you can create new profiles or modify the Cashier profiles.

Parameters you may want to modify include: the approve and deposit options, plus any special parameters required by the payment cassette.