Deprecated feature

OfflineCard Cassette

The OfflineCard Cassette is a passive cassette used for credit card transactions. Passive cassettes record events that have already happened outside of WebSphere Commerce Payments, but within the WebSphere Commerce Payments object model. With the OfflineCard Cassette, transactions are recorded and maintained only in the WebSphere Commerce Payments database. There is no back-end financial system with which a passive cassette communicates. For example, an Approve command using the OfflineCard Cassette records the results of an approval request which the merchant made using their existing credit card swipe box. Inclusion of this cassette makes WebSphere Commerce Payments usable right out of the box.

Using the OfflineCard Cassette the merchant can do the following with the same user interfaces that the merchant uses for online transactions:

  • Collect credit or debit card information from an Order page. This information is entered into WebSphere Commerce Payments using the AcceptPayment command, which stores the data in a newOrder object.
  • Retrieve credit or debit card information for use in manual credit card operations, for example, entering the credit card information into an existing swipe box.
  • Record the state of manual credit card transactions. For example, once a purchase is approved by the merchant's swipe box, the merchant clicks Approve on the Order page to record receipt of the approval. All payments, credits, and batch operations can be recorded.
  • Manage daily batches using the WebSphere Commerce Payments batch and reports functions.