Deprecated feature

OfflineCard Cassette commands

All batches are opened implicitly. The BatchOpen command is not supported. Each open batch represents a currency because there is one currency per merchant account; therefore for each account, there can be only one open batch.

The ReceivePayment command is not supported. All orders are created using the AcceptPayment command.

The AcceptPayment command can be used to create an order that can be independently credited. In other words, a credit is issued before any Payment action occurs on the order. Merchants can use the independent credit to issue a customer refund as soon as an order is placed or at any time during the transaction.

OfflineCard Cassette scenario

The general operation of the OfflineCard Cassette in a typical merchant scenario includes purchase, approval, and deposit and is as follows:

  1. Purchase:
    1. When a customer purchases an item online, a buy page collects the customer's credit card information.
    2. Once the customer submits the buy page, the merchant software submits an AcceptPayment command to WebSphere Commerce Payments.
    3. The OfflineCard Cassette is called to process the protocol-specific information (that is, PAN, Expiry, and Brand) and record it along with the new Order object in the WebSphere Commerce Payments database. The customer's payment information is recorded so that the merchant can use it later.
  2. Approval:
    1. At the end of the day, the merchant uses the WebSphere Commerce Payments user interface to find all of the online orders received for the day by the OfflineCard payment method.
    2. For each order, the merchant enters the credit card information using an existing swipe box, receives an approve or decline code, and records the codes in WebSphere Commerce Payments using the Approve button on the Order page (which issues an Approve command).
    3. The Administrator can record the corresponding approval or decline code in the provided entry field.
  3. Deposit:
    1. If the purchase is approved, the merchant ships the goods that the customer ordered, and records the fact that they deserve payment by using the Deposit button on the associated Payment page (which issues a Deposit command).
    2. The Deposit command then places the payment in the currently open batch. If no batch is currently open, the OfflineCard Cassette implicitly opens one.
    3. The OfflineCard Cassette allows multiple payments to be created for a single order, but ensures that the combined approval amounts do not exceed the order amount.
  4. Credit:
    1. When the merchant issues credits for goods bought online, they can also record the credits in WebSphere Commerce Payments using the Credit button on the Order page. This issues the Refund command. The OfflineCard Cassette allows any number of credits per order as long the total credit does not exceed the total amount of the payment associated with the order.

As mentioned above, Batch objects are created implicitly as needed when Deposit or Refund commands are processed. When the merchant is finished processing the day's transactions, the daily batch or batches are settled, either by using the swipe box or on a timed basis by the financial institution. To record this event, the merchant can either explicitly mark the batch as having been closed by using the Settle button on the Batch page (which issues a BatchClose command) or the merchant can use the BatchCloseTime configuration parameter which the cassette supplies on its Account objects.