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WebSphere Commerce Payments framework architecture and cassettes

WebSphere Commerce Payments implements a multi-payment framework architecture that provides a flexible and extensible way to accommodate payment requirements on the Internet for merchants who need to accept multiple payment methods. This multi-payment framework separates the infrastructure and processes of payment management from specific payment types by using of software cassettes. These cassettes contain the specifics of handling a type of payment method. Cassettes translate the generic WebSphere Commerce Payments messages into payment-protocol specific messages which are then sent to the appropriate payment gateway (or Acquirer) for further processing. Each cassette provides support for a specific electronic payment system, and the framework can handle multiple cassettes simultaneously.

Cassettes can be added to WebSphere Commerce Payments as needed and multiple cassettes can be used at the same time. Using cassettes, the WebSphere Commerce Payments is easy to implement, change, and upgrade. WebSphere Commerce includes the following WebSphere Commerce Payments cassettes:

  • Cassette for BankServACH
  • CustomOffline Cassette
  • OfflineCard Cassette
  • Cassette for Paymentech
  • Cassette for VisaNet

WebSphere Commerce Enterprise WebSphere Commerce Payments supports purchasing cards for the Cassette for VisaNet.