Deprecated feature

Cashier function in WebSphere Commerce Payments

The Cashier function is a Java class provided with WebSphere Commerce Payments. WebSphere Commerce uses the Cashier function to simplify the process of creating orders and payments. This component increases the flexibility available for payment processing when payment cassettes are used. The Cashier interacts with the merchant server and the WebSphere Commerce Payments framework, so that these two components are independent. As such, you do not have to modify the merchant server in order to adopt any new cassettes or custom cassettes for new payment methods. The mechanism that makes this possible are the Cashier profiles.

Cashier profiles are XML documents that describe how orders should be created for a given cassette as well as the methods for collecting cassette-specific parameters from the merchant server (in this case, WebSphere Commerce). This allows the code integrating the merchant server and WebSphere Commerce Payments to be written in a generic way. The Cashier runs on the same machine as the merchant server.

The software only has to be coded once to call the Cashier for order creation. Any new cassette can then be added by simply including a new Cashier profile.