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Payment components in WebSphere Commerce

WebSphere Commerce includes the following to support secure online payments when WebSphere Commerce Payments is used:

  • WebSphere Commerce Payments, which includes the following components:
    • Two servlets that provide the interface to WebSphere Commerce Payments, and also work with the WebSphere Application Server. The servlets perform access control based upon the access role of the administrator accessing the system, and relay incoming HTTP requests from the Web server to the payment engine.
    • The Cashier component for initiating payments using WebSphere Commerce Payments.
  • Support for WebSphere Commerce Payments cassettes that adhere to the WebSphere Commerce Payments multi-payment framework architecture.
  • Cashier profiles, which can be customized to meet your payment processing requirements.
  • Sample: WebSphere Commerce Payments JSP pages and data beans to dynamically display the payment status of an order.
  • A Web server that receives incoming transactions as HTTP requests and sends them out to WebSphere Commerce Payments.
  • The database to store all the necessary payment information, either the WebSphere Commerce database, or a remote database for WebSphere Commerce Payments only.
  • You can use multiple business policy commands to implement different business policies for different customers in your store. WebSphere Commerce stores support two sets of business policy commands:
    • Payment using a Credit Line:
      • DoCancelCLCmdImpl
      • DoPaymentCLCmdImpl
      • CheckPaymentAcceptCLCmdImpl
      • DoDepositCLCmdImpl
      • DoRefundCLCmdImpl
    • Payment using cassette-based payment methods:
      • DoCancelPMCmdImpl
      • DoPaymentPMCmdImpl
      • CheckPaymentAcceptPMCmdImpl
      • DoDepositPMCmdImpl
      • DoRefundPMCmdImpl
  • The business policy commands implement the following interfaces:
    • DoCancelPolicyCmd
    • DoPaymentPolicyCmd
    • CheckPaymentAcceptPolicyCmd
    • DoDepositPolicyCmd
    • DoRefundPolicyCmd