Deprecated feature

Cashier profiles

Cashier profiles are XML documents that contain all the information required by the Cashier function to create WebSphere Commerce Payments API requests, which in turn create orders for a specific payment cassette. The profiles include a mapping of all the framework and protocol data keywords to sources of data.

WebSphere Commerce Enterprise The payment policy specifies what Cashier profile to use in the profileName property. All cassette-based payment policies must have the profileName and cassetteName properties defined.

Cashier profiles are shared across all stores. As such, customers do not have direct access to the Cashier profiles.

All profiles must include the following information:

  • A flag to indicate whether a wallet is being used. This determines whether the cashier uses AcceptPayment or ReceivePayment to create an order.
  • All required WebSphere Commerce Payments and payment cassette parameters.
  • Specifications for how the Cashier provides values for the required parameters.

All WebSphere Commerce Payments configuration information is specified when the Cashier object is constructed. The configuration information is read from the WebSphere Commerce configuration file.

A Cashier profile must be specified with the CollectPayment call.

This profile directs the Cashier to which environment variables are to be used when passed from the DoPaymentMPFCmdImpl and DoPaymentPMCmdImpl classes. WebSphere Commerce also uses a Cashier profile to specify parameters for the Deposit command, which is when purchasing card data is typically sent.

The following standard Cashier profiles are provided with WebSphere Commerce:

  • Cashier profile for Cassette for BankServACH (WC51_BankServACH.profile).
  • Two Cashier profiles for the Cassette for VisaNet(TM):
    • WC51_VisaNet.profile for regular credit card purchases.
    • WebSphere Commerce Enterprise WC51_VisaNet_PCard.profile which shows how a limited amount of purchase card data could be passed.
  • Cashier profile for OfflineCard cassette (WC51_OfflineCard.profile).
  • Two sample Cashier profiles for the CustomOffline cassette:
    • WC51_CustomOffline_COD.profile for the C.O.D offline payment method.
    • WC51_CustomOffline_BillMe.profile for the "Bill Me" offline payment method.
  • Cashier profile for the Cassette for Paymentech (WC_Paymentech.profile)

You can modify these profiles, or create additional ones, to meet different payment processing requirements. Refer to the Cashier profile customization for further details.