Deprecated feature

Offline payment cassettes

Offline payment is one of the payment methods to customers if the merchant supports it. Offline payment refers to payments that require manual processing. For example, this payment method can apply to the customer who is uncomfortable submitting a credit card number online and prefers a Cash on Delivery (COD) option, or the customer who submits credit card information but does not have a relationship set up with an Acquirer for automatic approval.

In both cases, it is the merchant's responsibility to manually ensure that the order is shipped and that the order state is moved to the next appropriate level by using the WebSphere Commerce Payments user interface.

Offline payment processing can result in a time-consuming routine for the merchant, and can also increase the cost of doing business for the merchant.

The OfflineCard cassette is used for payments where the customer supplies the payment card information about the checkout page. The OfflineCard Cassette records this information in the WebSphere Commerce Payments database table for the OfflineCard Cassette. The Merchant Administrator can process the payment manually later using the WebSphere Commerce Payments user interface. In addition, the CustomOffline Cassette is available for manual payment methods such as COD and Bill Me, and also allows merchants to define their own offline payment processing methods. Under the CustomOffline Cassette, each offline method is represented as a different account.

For cassettes other than the OfflineCard cassette, you need to use a remote Payments server because Configuration Manager is not available in the WebSphere Commerce development environment. To use a remote Payments server, you will need to modify WC_eardir/xml/config/wc-server.xml and update the PaymentManager tag. The parameters that can require modifications are Hostname, PMAdminID, UseNonSSLPMClient and WebServerPort. If you are using SSL, the default WebServerPort is 5433.