E-Marketing Spot statistics

The Marketing tool displays statistics for e-Marketing Spots used in web activities. For a given activity, the statistics show the number of times the server has displayed content in the e-Marketing Spot, the number of times a customer has clicked the content, and the associated click-through rate.

Statistics are updated every 15 minutes for active activities. To change this interval, see Scheduling the SaveMarketingStatistics job.

Here is an example of the e-Marketing Spot statistics for an activity:

E-Marketing Spot statistics

The following describes the columns in the E-Marketing Spots table:

The e-Marketing Spots that have been used in this activity. If an e-Marketing Spot is removed from the activity, the statistics for that e-Marketing Spot remain in the table.
The number of times the server has displayed the content in the e-Marketing Spot.
The number of times a customer has clicked the content in the e-Marketing Spot.
Click-through rate %
The number of clicks per hundred views, expressed as a percentage; a higher percentage typically indicates a more successful marketing message.

E-Marketing Spot statistics in a staging environment

Marketing statistics are captured on the production server. If you want to view e-Marketing Spot statistics on a staging server for analysis, a System Administrator can transfer the statistical data from the production server to the staging server by running the ExportStats and ImportStats commands. When running the commands, specify the DMEMSPOTSTATS table, which contains e-Marketing Spot statistics. See Copying marketing statistics from the production server.