WebSphere Commerce Version

Enabling interim fix JR58394

You might notice that price adjustment values are incorrect because your custom code depends on an out-of-the-box API to query ORDIADJUST table.The API was changed with interim fix JR48648. JR58394 introduces an option to disable the changes that were included in JR48648.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR58394.


  1. Connect to your database.
  2. Run the following SQL statement to register implementation for InitializeAdjustmentCmd.
    insert into cmdreg values (<storeent_id>,'com.ibm.commerce.order.calculation.InitializeAdjustmentCmd' ,NULL, 'com.ibm.commerce.order.calculation.InitializeAdjustmentCmdImpl' ,'highPerformanceQuery=false',NULL ,'Local ' ,NULL);