WebSphere Commerce Version or laterOracle

Enabling interim fix JR53979

Interim fix JR53979 addresses an issue where you encounter failures when you try to complete a shopping flow in workspaces store preview. This fix is created specifically for environments that use an Oracle database and has workspaces enabled.

If you require this interim fix, complete the following procedure to enable the fix on your environment.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix JR53979. For more information about installing an interim fix, see Installing WebSphere Commerce interim fixes.


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  2. Open the inventory component configuration file, WC_eardir\WC\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.inventory-fep\wc-admin-component.xml.
  3. In the <_config:extendedconfiguration> element, add the following new property,
    <_config:configgrouping name="WorkSpacePreviewByPassInventory"> 
        <_config:property name="enabled" value="True"/>
    For example, your resulting configuration file might resemble the following code,
     	xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.ibm.com/xmlns/prod/commerce/foundation/config ../xsd/wc-admin-component.xsd">
    		<_config:configgrouping name="InventoryConfigurationCache">
    			<!-- load all data into memory to avoid database query -->
    			<_config:property name="LoadAllConfigrationData" value="true"/>
    			<!-- The JNDI name of the inventory configuration cache -->
    			<_config:property name="InventoryConfigurationCacheJNDI" value="dmap/IC_Cache"/>
    			<!-- Whether the cache is used  -->
    			<_config:property name="UseCache" value="true"/>
    		<_config:configgrouping name="WorkSpacePreviewByPassInventory">
    		      <_config:property name="enabled" value="True"/>
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. To update the changes in a development environment, start, or restart the WebSphere Commerce server.
  6. If you want to push the configuration changes out to the production environment, see Deploying J2EE assets for a single file.