OracleWebSphere Commerce Version

Enabling interim fix JR54133

Interim fix JR54133 resolves index contention issues in the PPCPAYINST table for environments that use an Oracle RAC database.

Index contention occurs because the ObjectModuleFacadeBean.createPaymentInstruction() code originally creates the PPCPAYINST record with NULL order_id, which is later updated to the actual order_id at the end of the transaction.

By default, the PPCPAYINST records are inserted by EJB code. In this APAR, a new flag is introduced. When this flag is set to true, the PPCPAYINST records are inserted by JDBC calls directly. The JDBC calls include the actual order_id into the INSERT statement, which helps to avoid contention.

Before you begin

Ensure that the latest cumulative interim fix is installed:

Install the interim fix for JR54133.


  1. Open the WC_eardir\xml\config\\wc-admin-component.xml file.
  2. Find the closing tag </_config:extendedconfiguration>.
  3. Add the following code before the closing tag.
    <_config:configgrouping name="CreatePPCPAYINSTwithOrderId">            
        name="enabled" value="true"/>        
    Note: A value of true enables this fix.
  4. Save the file and restart your WebSphere Commerce instance.