Feature Pack 5 or later

Enabling interim fix JR56366

JR56366 provides a new configuration for WebSphere Commerce environments that are integrated with Sterling Order Management. You can now set the timeout value of the Sterling OMS Heartbeat call.

By default, if the Sterling Order Management System is not available, then WebSphere Commerce waits for the HTTP call to timeout based on the system default timeout.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR56366.


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  2. Open the extended version of the order component configuration file.
    • workspace_dir\WC\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.order-ext\wc-admin-component.xml
    Note: If the folder path and file does not exist, then create the path and wc-admin-component.xml file. For more information, see Changing properties in the order component configuration file (wc-admin-component.xml).
  3. Within the <_config:configgrouping name="SideBySideIntegration"> code block, add the following configuration property and change the value as needed.
    For example,
    <_config:configgrouping name="SideBySideIntegration">
         <_config:property name="HeartBeatConnectionTimeout" value="20000"/>
    Note: The value is specified in milliseconds. By default, the connection timeout is 20000 milliseconds, or 20 seconds.
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Restart the WebSphere Commerce test server and test your changes.
  6. Deploy your changes to the production environment.