Enabling interim fix JR53434

Interim fix JR53434 provides a new configuration to limit the number of pending orders that a single user can create.

To define a maximum pending order limit for a store, complete the following procedure:

Before you begin

Install the cumulative interim fix for Fix Pack 9, JR53438.fp.


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  2. Open the customized version of the order component configuration file: WC_eardir\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.order-fep-ext\wc-admin-component.xml.
    Note: Create a wc-admin-component.xml file if the file does not exist. For more information, see Changing properties in the order component configuration file.
  3. Add a MaximumPendingOrdersForGuest configuration to limit the number of pending orders.
    For example:
    <_config:configgrouping name="MaximumPendingOrdersForGuest">
        <_config:property name="storeid" value="limit"/>
    • storeid is your store id, for example 10001
    • limit is the maximum number of pending orders allowable for a single user, for example 2
  4. If necessary, repeat step 3 for different stores and change the storeid and limit values accordingly.
  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Restart the WebSphere Commerce test server.
  7. Test your changes. Try to create more pending orders than the maximum limit that you set.
  8. Deploy the changes to your production environment.