Working with Predefined Tiles

Learn how to add a predefined tile to a dashboard.

The tiles on the WebUI's default dashboards can be used in any combination.

To add a predefined tile to a dashboard:

  1. Click the Edit Dashboard button.
  2. On the Edit Dashboard page, click Add Tile.
  3. On the Select Tile page, click Add From Tile Library.
  4. Click a tile to add it. The new tile is placed on the page below any existing tiles.
  5. Drag tiles to arrange them on the page.
  6. Click the Save button in the upper right corner of the page or Cancel to exit without making changes.
Image of the Activity List tile.
Image of the Deployments in the Last 30 Days tile.
Image of the Environment Overview tile.
Image of the New Patches tile.
Image of the Key Numbers tile. Image of the New Releases tile.
Image of the Patch Compliance tile.
Note: In larger deployments, the Patch Compliance tile can be slow to load. If your deployment has over 10,000 endpoints, you might experience dashboard delays in loading data with this tile. Administrators building dashboards may want to refrain from using this tile.
Image of the Patch Severity tile.
Image of the Popular Patches tile
Image of the Top 10 Patches tile.