General Editing Techniques

To edit a dashboard, click the Edit Dashboard button.

Use the Edit Dashboard page to:
  • Add and delete tiles.
  • Reposition tiles on the page.
  • Turn the Tile Performance Monitor message on and off.

The Tile Performance Monitor displays a message across WebUI dashboard tiles that load slowly: The filters used in this tile took over 10 seconds to load. Operators with access to a smaller set of BigFix data will see better performance. Creating a new tile with more efficient filters should improve performance. Performance monitoring can be disabled by an administrator. Set the Performance Monitor switch to On to display the message when tiles load slowly. The Performance Monitor defaults to Off.

To delete a tile, click the X in the upper right corner.

To reposition a tile, drag it to a new location.

To add a tile:

  1. Click the Add Tile button. Place up to six tiles on a dashboard. To add a tile to a dashboard that already has six, delete one first.
  2. Select a tile from one of the tile libraries.
    • To add a custom tile, click the Add Custom Tiles bar. For instructions on building custom tiles, see Working With Custom Tiles.
    • To add a predefined tile, click the Add From Tile Library bar. Select a tile and drag it to the required location. For a description of each tile and its elements, see Working with Predefined Tiles.