Lite Web Portal

Lite Web Portal enables you to start a Remote Control session with an On Demand Target without using a VPN, even when the controller and the target are over the Internet.

Lite Web Portal enables you to initiate an On Demand Target session without connecting to corporate network via VPN. This addresses the VPN overloading challenge with Work Form Home scenario. This enables you to manage the targets not only when the targets and the controller machines are within the corporate network, but also when they are outside of the corporate network. Through Lite Web Portal, you can manage the On Demand Targets seamlessly just like a standard broker session.

This feature is not configured by default. To establish connection through Lite Web Portal, as a Remote Control administrator, you need to configure the relevant settings. See Configuring Lite Web Portal for more information on how to configure settings. Once you enable the settings for Lite Web Portal, you can establish a session with an On Demand Target through the Lite Web Portal. For information on how to start a session, see Starting a session through Lite Web Portal. Once the session is established, the other HTTPs calls from the Controller to the Server also travel through the Reverse Proxy tunnel.

HTTP only: It is recommended that the HTTPS reverse proxy (InboudHTTPS connection Type) is used for the portal. This will ensure an HTTPS channel establishment.

Broker Certificates: No additional Broker Certificates are required. The Lite Web Portal can use the existing Broker certificate.

Policies: The same policies that are in use with a standard broker session will also be in effect when the session is initiated through Lite Web Portal. For more information, see Session policies for unregistered targets

For troubleshooting and monitoring, see Monitoring the Lite Web Portal activities.

  • The Reverse proxy limitations are also applicable to Lite Web Portal.
  • Lite Web Portal does not currently support SSO. Users operating in SSO might have an LDAP configured and the validation of the credentials might occur via LDAP. If not, a password must be defined in the local remote-control database at the user level.
  • Lite Web Portal does not support upload of registration from Controller. To save session registration, set the policy to register on the target and upload the recording from there.