Saving the session log file

You can save the trace log file that is created during a session with an Remote Control on-demand target.

About this task

The log file that is created when the on-demand target is installed can be used for debugging purposes. At the end of a remote control session with an on-demand target, the log file is deleted. Use the Keep Session Log function to save the file on the target.

In the controller window, click Perform action in target > Keep Session Log to save the log file.

The log file is saved to the user's home directory on the target computer. The file is saved in the following format:


For example, trc_odt_trace_20130530_095900.log

Before the session ends, if you selected to save the session log, you can select Perform action in target > Delete Session Log to delete the log.

Note: If the target user is switched during the session, the log file is saved to the home directory of the target user who started the session.