Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of an on-demand target?

An on-demand target is a target that is temporarily installed so that you can start a remote control session with a system that is on the internet. The session is managed by policies that are set on the Remote Control server and the target software is deleted when the session ends.

What is the definition of an unregistered target?

An unregistered target is a target that does not upload its details to the Remote Control server. There are two types of unregistered target.
  • An on-demand target.
  • A system that has the target software installed, the Managed property is set to No, and the BrokerList property is configured with a list of brokers.

I have my own website, how can I provide access to the on-demand target portal?

You can integrate the web page into your own site by creating a static portal or a dynamic portal. For more information about creating a custom portal, see Creating a custom landing page.

During a remote control session, why does my screen freeze with a message displayed and the session pauses temporarily?

The message, "Please wait... Screen capture temporarily interrupted by the target operating system until the end user completes a secure desktop action (UAC prompt, fast user switching, screen locked). Screen capture will resume when the action is completed" can be displayed for the following reasons.
When Windows is installed on the target system
  • A User Access Control prompt is displayed on the target system.
  • The target system has Fast user switching enabled and another user logs on.
  • The target screen is locked and the target user must unlock it.
When Linux is installed on the target system
  • The target system has Fast user switching enabled and another user logs on.
The remote control session continues after the target user completes the relevant action and the original target desktop that the session was started from, is displayed again. For example, after you switch to a different user, you must switch back to the original target user's desktop to continue the session.

I have saved a recording of an on-demand session on my computer, how can I play it back?

You must get a URL for a web page from your helpdesk agent. When you access the web page, the Remote Control player is downloaded and started. Use the player to play your recording file. For more information about saving and playing back a recording, see Saving a session recording on the on-demand target.

How do I start an on-demand session without using a VPN where both target and controller are over internet?

You need to configure Lite Web Portal to start an on-demand session in this case. For more information, see Configuring Lite Web Portal.