Configuring the landing page URL

Remote Control provides a default web page that a target user can access to temporarily install the target software. The URL for the web page is http://trcserver/trc/ondemand/index.jsp. The variable trcserver is the host name or IP address of your Remote Control server. The default web page is provided when you have the Remote Control server installed. You can also configure server properties to provide a URL that the target user can access. The defined URL is displayed to the controller user when they start a broker remote control session.

About this task

The property that is used to define the URL is ondemand.url and it is contained in the file. To configure the property, complete the following steps:
Note: You can also manually edit the properties file. You must click Admin > Reset Application after a manual edit.


  1. Log on to the server UI with a valid admin ID and password.
  2. Click Admin > Edit properties files.
  3. Select
  4. Set the ondemand.url property to the relevant value.
    Leave the property blank
    When you do not want a URL to be displayed to the controller user, do not enter a value for the property.
    To display a web page

    The ondemand.url property is set to http://localhost/trc/ondemand/index.jsp?conncode=%c by default. Replace localhost with the address of your remote control server. To use a reverse proxy, replace localhost/trc/ondemand with the public fully qualified domain name of the broker that is configured as a reverse proxy. For example, For more information about configuring a reverse proxy, see On-demand target portal access for internet users. If you do not replace localhost, the value that is defined for the ServerURL property in the file is used to create the URL that is displayed to the controller. The %c variable is replaced with the session connection code when the URL is displayed in the controller window. The default page requires the session connection code to be entered.

    You can also set the property to a URL for your own customized web page.
    Table 1. How the URL is displayed to the controller user.
    ondemand.url= ServerURL= URL is displayed as.

    When the connection code is 1234567.

  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Admin > Reset Application.


The defined URL is displayed in the Connection Code window when you start a broker remote control session.