About VOB namespace changes

When you move, rename, or delete a resource under VersionVault source control in a VersionVault view, the change is reflected in both the view and the VOB from which the resource was accessed.

Because HCL VersionVault creates versions of directories, any change to a directory's namespace (the list of files and folders it contains) requires the directory to be checked out. If you initiate a move, rename, or delete operation in a directory that is not checked out, the HCL VersionVault Explorer checks it out automatically. A preferences setting controls whether a directory that was automatically checked out will be automatically checked in when the move, rename, or delete is complete. For more information, see Configuring HCL VersionVault Explorer preferences.

Namespace changes in a base VersionVault or single-stream UCM view are not visible to other team members until the directory is checked in. Namespace changes in a UCM development view are not visible to other team members until the directory is checked in and the activity that recorded the changes is delivered.

How VersionVault manages directory namespaces

When you rename a file or folder element, the containing directory is checked out, the element's old name is removed, and the new name is added. After the directory has been checked in, the renamed element is still accessible under its old name in the predecessor version of the directory. A checkin comment is created for the containing directory that lists the rename and delete actions that took place while the directory was checked out. The process associated with moving or deleting a resource is similar.

Note: The HCL VersionVault Explorer deletes only names. It cannot delete elements.

Moving a resource from one VOB to another

You cannot use the HCL VersionVault Explorer to move a resource from one VOB or UCM component to another. This operation can be completed only with tools on the native HCL VersionVault client.