Disagreements between the VersionVault WAN server and its clients

When a web view or automatic view has a notion about the state of a resource that differs from that of the VersionVault WAN server, you must restore the resource to resolve the discordance. (Dynamic and snapshot views are not subject to discordances.)

Every VersionVault Web view and automatic view is supported by a VersionVault WAN server. Both server and client keep a record of the versions loaded into the view and their VersionVault state. Any of the following types of events can cause these two databases to disagree on the state of resources in a VersionVault view:

  • The client or server shuts down abruptly.
  • The network connection between the client and server is interrupted.
  • A user or process on the HCL VersionVault Explorer host modifies one of those resources without using HCL VersionVault tools (for example, removing a file with an operating system command).

When this sort of disagreement occurs, the database on the server is considered to hold definitive information about resources that have been loaded into the view. Resources affected by such a disagreement are listed in the VersionVault Details view with a State of Discordant.

For information about how to correct discordance, see Resolving disagreements (discordance) between a view and the VersionVault WAN server.