Creating HCL Cognos data sources for HCL Marketing Software application databases

The HCL® Cognos® applications need their own data sources that identify the source of the data for HCL® Marketing Software application reports.

About this task

The HCL Cognos data models that are provided in the HCL Marketing Software reports packages are configured to use the data source names that are given in the following table:

Table 1. Cognos data sources

This two-columned table provides information about the HCL Marketing Software application in one column, and the Cognos data source names in the second column.

HCL Marketing Software application Cognos data source names
Campaign CampaignDS
eMessage eMessageTrackDS
  • For the design time database: InteractDTDS
  • For the runtime database: InteractRTDS
  • For the learning database: InteractLearningDS
  • For the ETL database: InteractETLDS
Marketing Operations MarketingOperationsDS
Distributed Marketing
  • For the Distributed Marketing database: CollaborateDS
  • For the customer database: CustomerDS
  • For the Campaign database: CampaignDS

For more information about configuring Cognos data sources, see HCL Cognos Administration and Security Guide and the Cognos online help.

Use the following guidelines to create Cognos data sources for the HCL application databases.


  • Use the Administration section of Cognos Connection.
  • Use the default data source names that are shown in the Cognos data sources table to avoid having to alter the data model.
  • The database type that you select must match that of the HCL application database. Use the Cognos documentation to determine how to fill database-specific fields.
    Note: For Campaign and eMessage, the appropriate database is Campaign.
  • Be sure that you identify the HCL Marketing Software application database and not the Cognos content store.
  • When you configure the Signon section, select the Password and Create a Signon that the Everyone group can use options.
  • In the Signon section, specify the user credentials for the HCL Marketing Software application database user.
  • Consult the Cognos data sources table and ensure that you create all the data sources that are required by the data model for the reports you are configuring.
    For example, the reporting data for Interact is in three databases, so you must create separate Cognos data sources for each database.
  • If the Campaign system has more than one partition, create separate data sources for each partition.
    For example, if Campaign and eMessage are configured for multiple partitions, create a separate Campaign and eMessage data source for each partition.
  • Verify that you configured each data source correctly by using the Test Connection feature.