New features and changes in version 11.0

This section describes the new features and changes introduced in the 11.0 version of Marketing Platform.

Relative Run Exclusion Changes

The definition of run exclusions was earlier limited to an absolute period or a yearly relative date.

The weekly and monthly datetime is now configurable apart from the yearly relative date. The user can now define the validity of the run exclusion rule (start and end date):
  • In case of a week, the user can now select one or more day of the week, associated with a start date end time.
  • In case of a month, the user can now select a day in a month, associated with a start and end time.
  • In case of a year, the user can now select a day in the year, associated with a start and end time.

GDPR - Right to erasure

IBM Marketing Platform adheres to the GDPR guidelines on deleting customer's personal data from the IBM Marketing Platform system tables.

Please refer to the IBM Marketing Platform GDPR documentation for details.

Fast Upgrade

IBM Marketing Software version 11 supports the fast upgrade approach. This approach allows upgrades from version 8.6 onwards to version 11.0. This aids customers by bypassing the multi-step upgrade. The fast upgrade approach is also useful in reducing upgrade downtime. The approach is provided for IBM Marketing Platform, IBM Campaign, IBM Contact Optimization, IBM Marketing Operations, IBM Interact for upgrade from 8.6.x version onwards. For details, refer to the Fast Upgrade documentation released with version 11.0.