Define real-time interactive offers for visitors

Based on offer templates you define in Unica Campaign, you can set up real-time interactive offers that Unica Interact presents to visitors.

Important: Unica Interact does not currently support offer lists.

Offer template requirements for Unica Interact

When you define offer templates to use when you create interactive offers, be aware of these requirements:

  • You must enable the Interaction Point (IP) ID and Interaction Point Name offer attributes for all offers that are used by Unica Interact. These attributes must exist, and are automatically populated during run time, overwriting any default IP ID or IP Name attributes you defined. The IP ID is the internal ID and the IP Name the name for the interaction point that is associated with the offer. This data is required for reporting.

  • If you do not enable Allow offers created from this template to be used in real-time interactions when you define the offer template, you can still use the offers that are defined from this template with treatment rules. Offer suppression is available for use with the offers. However, Unica Interact is unable to include those offers in reports.

  • If your offer template contains the offer effective date and offer expiration date, you can define the dates relative to the Flowchart run date. For example, you can define the Offer Effective date to be the Flowchart run date. The offer can then expire some number of days after the effective date. For interactive flowcharts, the Flowchart run date is the time at which the runtime environment recommends the offer to the touchpoint for presentation.

Offers and naming conventions

As you map offers in Unica Campaign to offers on your touchpoint, keep in mind the information that is available to use as part of your naming conventions. For example, for easy reference you might want to save all the banner ads in files that have the same name as the offer code.

Offers and treatment rules

When you change offers used in treatment rules, including retiring offers, you must redeploy all the interactive channels that are associated with the server group. The changes take effect when the interactive channels on the server group are redeployed.

Offers and the Unica Interact API

As you create your offers, the Unica Interact API can reference the following information from the offer:

  • Custom offer attributes
  • Offer code
  • Offer description
  • Offer effective date
  • Offer expiration date
  • Offer name
  • Offer treatment code

When you create a postEvent call that logs offer acceptance or rejection, you must include the offer treatment code. However, if you enable cross-session response tracking, you can match on the treatment code, offer code, or a custom code particular to your environment. For more details about cross-session response tracking, see the Unica Interact Administrator's Guide.

You can use nameValuePair class of the Unica Interact API to define or retrieve data from custom offer attributes.