Exporting an interactive channel

In Unica Interact, you can export a previous interactive channel deployment version. When you export a deployment version, you can send this export to technical support to troubleshoot any problems with your deployment.

You can export an interactive channel deployment version from the Deployment History section of the Deployment tab in your Interactive Channel. When you export an interactive channel, it is saved as ExportIC.exp by default.

Any objects that are disabled are not exported as part of the export package.

The interactive channel is exported in the following structure.
  • Dependent objects
    • Campaigns
    • Offers
  • Global data
    • Custom macros
    • Audience levels
    • Offer attribute def map
    • Learning configuration
    • CH RH tables map
    • Event patterns
  • Interactive channels
    • Interactive flowcharts
    • Strategies
    • Inherited global events reference
    • Profiles
    • Offers by SQL
    • Learning module
    • Interact flowcharts
    • zones
    • Deployment information
    • Constraints
    • Offers by table
    • Server groups
  • Other exported objects
    • Offer references
    • Campaign references
    • Offers by SQL default cells
    • Segments
    • Default offers default cells
    • Detect configuration
    • Target cells
Icon Name Description
Edit strategy Click to add new treatment rules to this interaction strategy.
Edit properties Click to edit the name and description of the interaction strategy. You cannot change the interactive channel.
Delete interaction strategy Click this icon to delete this interaction strategy tab.
Add flowchart Click this icon to add a batch flowchart to this campaign.
Remember: To add interactive flowcharts, you must create them in a session.
Add interaction strategy Click this icon to add an interaction strategy to this campaign.
Copy interaction strategy to Click this icon (in view-only mode) to create a copy of this interaction strategy. When you click this icon, a dialog is displayed where you can specify the destination for the copy.