Personalization Playback

Marketers can use Personalization Playback to review activities that are the outcome of existing campaigns. Personalization Playback shows the aggregated user activities grouped by audience, offers, and segments. It also includes capabilities to drill-down for activity details such as profile attributes, session attributes, API history, event patterns status, delivered and disqualified offers for Interact APIs.

  • You must activate API logging in Interact RT to capture and present API information on screen.
  • In the offerserving node, set the includeArbitrationInfo parameter to True. The Segment view in Personalization Playback will work only if you set the includeArbitrationInfo parameter to True. It enables the system to log segment information.

For more information, see the Unica Interact V12.1.4 Administrator's Guide.

The following are the features of Personalization Playback:
  • Aggregated view of session activities grouped by time, specifically, the number of active sessions and audiences during a given period.
  • Aggregation can be filtered by audience profile, offer properties, and segment properties for corresponding view types.
  • When you select start time and end time the system aggregates the data between the seleted times and displays the data as a graph. The system automatically calculates aggregation unit based on the selected timeframe.
  • You can drill-down each aggregated data point to view the list of active sessions for the data point.
  • You can further expand each session to view all API requests, together with the profile attributes / offer attributes / segment attributes, session parameters, and event pattern states at that point.
  • Playback data is retrieved from the production server group.