FlexOffers is a big personalized flexoffers mapping table. It combines data and functionality from Interact flowchart and smart rules. The FlexOffers user interface brings the offers, zones, cells, segments, customer profiles, and real time visitor activity data into a Windows spreadsheet, which resembles a mapping table. It helps the marketers to easily map offers to the best targeted customers.

Marketers can use the tools to import or reimport pre-defined delimited file or database table, drawing the basic mapping data and integrate with system data such as offers, zones, cells and build to a big FlexOffers mapping table. It can be manually or automatically publish to interact RT server groups. Users can create FlexOffers mapping filters and deploy them to runtime Interact nodes for treatments.

FlexOffers Interact DT includes the main area for creation and configuration.

  • You can create, view, and publish FlexOffers mapping table to different server groups You can also delete FlexOffers mapping table.
  • You can add FlexOffers mapping rules, add new criteria, search and modify the mapping data using an inline editing tool.
  • You can create FlexOffers mapping filter, add, update and delete FlexOffers mapping filters, and deploy the FlexOffers mapping filters to different server groups.
  • You can automatically reimport FlexOffers from delimited file or existing database table.

This following sections describe details on how to create FlexOffers, edit and modify the FlexOffers rules, create FlexOffers filter, deploy the FlexOffers and FlexOffers filters to Interact RT, and automatically reimport Flexoffers from delimited file or database table.