Create FlexOffers filters

You can perform the following actions on filters.

Create filter

To create a filter, complete the following steps.
  1. Select Filter > Create Filter.
  2. In the Create Filter box, provide the name of the filter and description.
  3. Toggle the required condition AND/OR and select the appropriate value from the Column Name, Operator, and Value lists.
    Note: Value can either be a constant value or you can select from the list of predefined real-time attributes and mapped profile attributes.
  4. Click Save. The filter is added under the Filter pane. Select the Default checkbox to set the filter as a default filter. Default filters are always applied to get offers at runtime. From 12.1.6, you can view the filters as a query as shown in the following image.
To preview the FlexOffers data, click Preview Data.
Note: Preview Data is disabled when filter created using real-time attributes or profile attributes

Edit, copy, and delete filter

Click to navigate through the options to edit, copy, and delete filters.