Using offer lists in Flex Offers

You can add offers or offer lists to Flex Offer rules. For more details on offer lists, see the Offer lists topic. In FlexOffers table, you are required to add the following configuration. add OfferType INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0. The OfferType=0 for Offer, OfferType=1 for OfferList.

In the Offer column, a icon besides the offer specifies an offer list.

Search offerList from FlexOffers

In Search FlexOffer rules, under the first column, select OfferType, under the Operator column, select equal to, and in the third column, select Offer list. The relevant offer lists are returned.

Filter offerList from FlexOffers

You can also create and deploy a filter for offer list from FlexOffers. The procedure is similar to creating and deploying FlexOffers filters. For details, see the Create FlexOffers filters and Deploy FlexOffers mapping with filters topics.

Like smart rules, you can also configure the selection policy for FlexOffers under the Advanced tab.

Most recent updated offers is the default offer selection policy. When you create FlexOffer from import delimited files, the OfferType is request to import the OfferList.

The following is the sample data of inport file.

2,Offer List1,1,{"num":2,"opt":1,"param":"","sort":"asc"},New York

For SelectionPolicy:

Opt=0 means MostRecentUpdated,

Opt=1 means Random,

Opt=2 means OfferAttribute,

Opt=3 means Custom;

For details, see the General tab topic.