Edit FlexOffers mapping table contents

After creating the FlexOffers mapping table, using powerful build in tools you can search the data, edit data, add dynamic columns to the table, and modify advanced settings. In the list of FlexOffers window, select the FlexOffers mapping table that you want to apply FlexOfferRule (table row) or FlexOffers criteria (table column). You can perform the following actions.

Search FlexOffer rules

To search for FlexOffer rules, complete the following steps.
  1. Click Search FlexOffer Rules. box. You can expand and collapse the Search FlexOffer Criteria box using "<".
  2. Click Add Rule or Add Group, and toggle the value to OR/AND.
  3. Under Column Name, and Operator, select the appropriate value. For the Value field, enter an appropriate value.
  4. Use the following as per your requirement:
    1. Add Rule - To add another rule or to add another rule within a rule group.
    2. Add Group - To add another rule group or to add another rule group within a group.
    3. X - To delete a rule or to delete a rule within a group.
    4. Delete Group - To delete a group or to delete a group within a group.
    5. AND/OR toggle - Use the AND/OR toggle switch to add a condition between rules or to add condition to rules within a rule group.
  5. Click Apply. The detailed search results immediately display on the right panel of the page.
  6. From verison 12.1.7 onwards, search columns names are extended and customers can search Offer Type (Offer or OfferList), Offer Status (Active, Deleted, Expired, Draft, Retired) and FlexOffer rule Enable State (true or false) in addition to FlexOffers column names.
Note: You can nest up to five levels of rules or groups.
Note: You can search Offer Status in FlexOffers.

Hide/Display columns

You can click Add/Remove Columns to select the columns you want to display on the table.

Add FlexOffers rules/criteria

FlexOfers rule is mapping record. It includes offer, zone, cell, user profile data, user activity data and user defined columns data. In FlexOffers table each row data represents one FlexOffers rule.

For example: FlexOffers Rule.

FlexOffers criteria is the mapping field. For example, marketers want to map offer, zone with customer credit score. Marketers can add credit score criteria (or column) to FlexOffers table.

To add new rules add new data rows to FlexOffers table, complete the following steps.
  1. Click Add/Edit Offers.
  2. In the Add Rule/Criteria list, click Add Rule.
  3. Provide Offer Name and Offer Code.
  4. Click Add and then click Save.
  5. Click each value to change if the value is required.
    Note: There are two special values for CellCode.
    • Default cell: When selected, the setting in Affinium|InteractDT|partitions|<partition>|Interact|whiteList|<audience level>|offersBySQL:defaultCellCode is used.
    • New cell: When selected, a new target cell is created when saving this rule.
To add new criteria, complete the following steps.
  1. Provide Column Name and Column Type.
  2. Provide Size and click Add.
  3. Click Save.

Copy, Delete, and use Advanced Options

Click to navigate through the options to copy, delete, and use the advanced options. You can use advanced settings to set Eligibilty related parameters, set Offer Score, set Offer Attributes, and Learning data. For details, see the Update smart strategies section.

Offer attributes in Advanced Options

In FlexOffer or SmartRule, offer attribute can be of SSDB (Single Select DataBase) type offer attribute.

For example: in the following sample FlexOffer, SSDB Offer Attribute = Guru_SSDB and value=1

From ua_attributedef table, you can get the details of SSDB attribute "Guru_SSDB" value=1.

The Guru_SSDB attribute look up table is customer_profle, lookup column id is customerid, and lookup display column is country. Value=1 means the customerid=1.

In version 12.1.2, Interact treats SSDB just like any other offer attribute. The SSDB Attribute value is the lookup column id value.