Profile data governance

Profile data may contain sensitive information. It was expected that Interact systems needed a mechanism so that the admins could configure the columns that are sensitive, and the level of data protection required. Admin users can choose to hide or mask the sensitive columns.

In 12.1.5, Interact introduced a functionality so that admins, during profile table mapping on Interactive Channel, can set the sensitivity of the data being exposed. During profile table mapping, a new column named Sensitivity is adde so that the admins can set one of the following options to the fields containing sensitive data:

  • HIDE - Is not displayed or printed anywhere but is available for internal processing.
  • MASK - Is displayed but the actual values shall be masked with a configurable replacement text.
  • PUBLIC - Data is not sensitive and can be viewed by all.

A new configuration node has been introduced so that the admins can configure the replacement text for the masked data. For more information, see the topic Interact | partitions | partition[n] | Interact | dataGovernance in Unica Interact 12.1.6 Administrator's Guide.

The impacted features in Interact are as follows:

Profile Table Mapping Profile table mapping screen displays an additional column Sensitivity for every table field. Every field is classified as:
  • Hide
  • Mask
  • Public

Fields that are marked as Key fields must be public.

For the existing table mappings, the sensitivity is defaulted to Public.


Simulator displays the profile data during Audience ID selection. The profile attributes will be hidden/masked as per the sensitivity configuration of the profile attribute.

Profile attributes that are marked as Hide, are not displayed in the list of columns as well as the data table, but they are available for the search criteria.

Flex Offers When defining Flex Offers mapping, system has a Preview functionality for input table or source table. The preview screen displays the profile data. The profile attributes are hidden/masked as per the sensitivity configuration of the profile attribute.
Playback Session Details API On the playback session details tab, profile attributes are displayed for the session. These are masked/hidden as per the Sensitivity configuration.
getProfile API getProfile API response adheres to the profile data sensitivity and hide/mask the profile attributes in the API response.
Logs Profile attributes printed to logs are processed so that the sensitive data is hidden or masked. All instances where the profile attributes are logged in any form, like session attributes, outbound message JSON, treatment processing etc, are sensitized based on the configuration.
Outbound Gateways Outbound gateways carry profile attributes as per the gateway configuration. Changes are required to all outbound gateways before sending out the message. The profile attributes marked as HIDE are not part of outbound message and are masked properly if the sensitivity is set as MASK.

Some gateways might require Interact to send the attributes without masking or hiding and need to override the sensitivity configuration of the mapped tables. A new Boolean parameter UACISkipDataGovernance allows gateways to skip masking/hiding process. If a gateway is required to skip data governance, add this parameter as a Channel Property on the gateway configuration screen or this property can be added as parameter data in gateway configuration.