Use learning models to select offers

Unica Interact has a built-in learning module that monitors the real-time behavior of your visitors to influence your interactive flowcharts and help select the offers to present. You can also configure the learning settings to assign attributes at the interactive channel level so that each interactive channel can have its own set of customized learning models. Using customized learning models is also referred to as "self learning."

Before you can use the Self Learning feature, you must enable built-in learning globally for your Unica Interact environment. For information about enabling the learning module and more information about learning in general, see the Unica Interact Administrator's Guide.

By using the Self Learning page in Unica Interact, you can create, delete, edit, enable, or disable a learning model for an interactive channel.
Note: The support for BINARY_DOUBLE and BINARY_FLOAT Oracle column type is added. With updated JDBC drivers and Oracle database, the schema change to the FINALSCORE column can sometimes overcome the issue without the JVM parameter. If the schema change does not work, then the -DLearning.MAX_VALUE=9.99E+25 JVM parameter must be used.