(Optional) Assign target and control cells

Since the interaction strategy is part of a campaign, you can also take advantage of the target cell spreadsheet. The target cell spreadsheet (TCS®) is a spreadsheet-type feature for each campaign that displays all cells within that campaign, and their details, including assigned offers.

The TCS® functions a little differently with interaction strategies than with batch flowcharts. You can use both the top-down and bottom-up approaches. Cells that are generated by treatment rules in the interaction strategy become bottom cells in the TCS®. You can use the top-down approach the same as with batch flowcharts. However, currently, the offer to the cell assignment from the interaction strategy do not display in TCS®. Also, you cannot assign an offer to a cell on the TCS® for use in treatment rules; you must use the interaction strategy to assign offers to cells for real-time interactions.

You do not need to approve cells that are used in interaction strategies in a Unica Plan TCS®.

Control cells also work differently for real-time interactions. For example, on a website, you must always present an "offer," otherwise the page layout might be broken. The offer for a control cell might be a simple branding image instead of a traditional offer. The reports available if you have reports installed do not report on control cells for real-time interactions.

For more information about the target cell spreadsheet, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.