Managing personalization fields

On the Deliver Settings page, you can view and edit properties for all of the personalization fields available for use in communications and mailings across the entire Deliver installation. You can view the properties for OLT, built-in, and constant personalization fields.

To view the list and edit personalization field properties, select Deliver Settings > Deliver Personalization Fields and click Display a list of all Personalization Fields.

You can modify certain personalization field properties at the installation level. For example, The changes that you make to personalization field properties affect the personalization field wherever you add it.

OLT personalization fields are defined when you create a recipient list by running a Campaign flowchart and map the personalization field to a field in your marketing database. However, after you have defined an OLT personalization field, you can update the specified data type and configure sample data appears for the field that when marketers preview a message or landing page that contains the field. You can also specify specific values that the Message Editor recognizes when the OLT personalization field is used as a variation field. Although you can view the list of OLT personalization fields available across the installation, the list of fields available in a specific mailing depends on the recipient list that the mailing references.
Note: To ensure that personalization fields that are defined in an Output List Table (OLT) appear in the list of fields, complete a production run of the flowchart that defines the OLT.

Unlike OLT personalization fields, which are defined in specific recipient lists, constant personalization fields are defined at the installation level so that they are available to all mailings. Although you create constant personalization fields at the installation level, marketers specify a values for each field in specific mailings.

Built in personalization fields are generated by the system and allow limited modification. You can add a description and provide values that are used as sample data in messages and landing page previews.