OLT personalization fields

When you create a recipient list, you define personalization fields and map them to fields in your corporate marketing database. Because each personalization field represents a column in the OLT, the personalization fields that you define using the Deliver process are called OLT personalization fields.

To create a list of recipients, you configure a Deliver process in Campaign. The output of the configured Deliver process is an Output List Table (OLT). The OLT serves as the recipient list that you reference in a messaging.

For more information about configuring a Deliver process to create an OLT, seeUnderstanding how to create a recipient list.

You must upload the OLT to HCL Unica to make the OLT available for use with Deliver messagings. After you upload the OLT, the OLT personalization fields are added to a master list of all personalization fields available for use in any other OLT that you create afterward.

You can add an OLT personalization field to an Deliver document in the following ways.