Where to use personalization fields

You can use personalization fields in various parts of a communication. You can also add personalization fields to advanced scripts for email.

  • Use personalization fields to populate address and subject fields in the email header.
  • Define personalized content in the Message Editor by dropping personalization fields into zones.
  • Add personalization fields to text and image links.
  • Incorporate personalization fields into text blocks added to the document.
  • Personalization fields are required to define personalization rules that govern how conditional content appears in email messages.

    For more information about personalization fields and conditional content, seeDefining personalization rules.

  • Add one or more constant personalization fields to incorporate a text value that appears consistently in every email. For example, you can use a constant personalization field to incorporate a promotional code into all messages for a specific mailing.
  • Use personalization fields in advanced scripts for email.

    For more information about using advanced scripts, see Advanced scripts for email messaging

When you add a personalization field to an address field or zone, the Message Editor provides a list of fields that are available for use. Deliver maintains a list of all personalization fields that are available for use. For more information about seeing the list of personalization fields that you can use, see Selecting personalization fields.