Constant personalization fields

Constant personalization fields display the same value in every email message in which they appear. Constant personalization fields do not take their values from an output list table (OLT). Instead, you define the value of constant personalization fields in the mailing configuration by entering a value on the mailing edit tab.

By defining one or more constant personalization fields in a mailing. You can add static text to all email messages in the mailing without being forced to edit a zone, modify the document template, or update the OLT referenced by the mailing.

For example, if you want to provide a unique promotion code for each mailing, you might define a constant personalization field, const_PromoCode. You can then incorporate const_PromoCode into all of the email templates you use. To specify a promotion code for each mailing, you need only to change the value of const_PromoCode in the mailing configuration. If you define the promotion code with an OLT personalization field instead of a constant personalization field, you must run the flowchart in Campaign to update and upload the OLT to provide the new promotion code.

You create constant personalization fields at the Deliver installation level. Doing so makes the constant personalization field available to all mailings that you create across the installation. However, because you define the value for a constant personalization field at the mailing level, the same constant personalization field can appear differently in different mailings.

For more information about using constant personalization fields in an individual mailing, see About configuring constants.

For more information about creating constant personalization fields for the Deliver installation, see Creating a constant personalization field.