Sample data for personalization fields

The Message Editor provides a method to define sample values for personalization fields that are present in a communication.

The Deliver Message Editor uses the personalization field display name to represent the field in a communication editor. Although the display name helps to identify personalization fields in the document, seeing an example of the text that might replace the field when you run the mailing can often provide a better view of how data might appear to customers and prospects. If the personalization field is used in a personalization rule, experimenting with sample values for the field allows you to test the rule.

Sample values for personalization fields display in place of the field name when you preview the Deliver document that defines the email or landing page. The sample data does not replace the display name when you view the content in the communication editor, nor does it display when you perform a test or production run of the mailing.

For example, if you defined a personalization field AccountType, you might define sample data Preferred. In the communication editor, the sentence appears as, "A unique and timely offer for our <AccountType> customers." However, when you preview the email message, the sentence appears in the preview as, "A unique and timely offer for our Preferred customers." In the Preview window, you can substitute other sample values for the personalization field to view the result of possible changes in the personalization field.