Min/Max # Offers For Each Customer rule

The Min/Max # Offers For Each Customer rule allows you to limit the number of offers that any one customer receives.

It can be used to help prevent dilution of messages and inundation with many offers, even if they are consolidated into few actual contacts and packages. For example, sending 50 different offers in a single email.

Note: This rule is different from the number of interruptions or "packages" that a customer receives. To manage customer contact fatigue, use the Max # of Packages rule instead.

You can define these constraints specific to a certain strategic segment, channel, or set of offers.

This rule allows you to manage the number of different messages you are sending to an individual. In particular, use this rule to control your customer offer strategy on a per-customer basis. Specifically, this rule controls the minimum and maximum number of offers, or a particular offer, to be given to an individual over a particular time period. Create this rule on a per channel basis to limit the number of different types of communications, such as cross-sell versus retention versus upsell.

By specifying a minimum, you might use this rule to ensure that varied marketing messages reach the customer. You might set the condition that, at most, two contacts to high-value customers are upsell or cross-sell offers, leaving one offer for retention.

You can also create a set of high-cost offers, then limit the number of times each customer can receive an offer from that set.